Catalytic Impact Investment Igniting Positive Change

Our planet is at a tipping point. Climate change is now affecting every country on every continent, altering and destroying marine and terrestrial ecosystems at an accelerating pace. Our new reality is that global ecosystems are under stress or dying. Weather events are shifting and becoming more extreme, threatening livelihoods, food production, and economies everywhere.

According to the United Nations, we have about 11 years to avoid the worst impacts of a warming world. We need to take action now at a scale and pace that matches the severity of the crisis before us, or we risk losing a stable, liveable world.

Core belief

We believe that on a planet with finite resources, economic activity needs to be operating within planetary boundaries. Economic transactions of all kinds will serve current and future generations better if designed to restore rather than deplete our natural and social capital.

What we do

We’re a catalytic investor focused on identifying and nurturing rapidly scalable solutions to the climate and extinctions crises. Many of the solutions that could have a significant impact on restoring healthy ecosystems are already scientifically proven and only require support to realise their full potential.

We provide that support.

Our Commitments

We commit to providing catalytic support to ignite positive change. This includes providing investment as well as strategic planning and business development services.

We commit to working together whole-heartedly and with integrity with people and organizations that contribute to positive environmental and social outcomes.

We commit to maintaining an unwavering focus on those activities that mitigate greenhouse gas emissions or that regenerate degraded habitats, including “Blue Carbon” initiatives that capture carbon while restoring the world’s coastal marine ecosystems and fisheries.